After China, Hong Kong and Iran, by now the COVID-19 virus has reached all continents, and the epidemic has become a pandemic. The situation in recent weeks is unprecedented for all of us. Our everydays have been changed. Our connections, our relationships having been transformed to virtual spaces narrowed our habitats down to our actual flats and apartments. The policymakers are facing two ways while risking a complete collapse of the economy: to allow the virus to spread quickly, or to slow the pace of diseases. What does quarantine, deprivation of your liberty, mean to you? What strategies do you have for this period? What does home mean to you during forced confinement? How do you feel when you read about the news? Fear? Compassion? Anxiety? And what changes do you think the epidemic will bring to the global society? Will it strengthen cooperation or isolation? Will it alter existing social structure?

If you have a work related to the topic, send a digital photo, a short description and other details of the work (title, year, technique, size) to 1111 Gallery. We make the received works visible on the gallery’s Facebook page and Instagram profile, in order to get and give a picture of how contemporary artists experience isolation and the whole situation. Our aim is turning the initiative into a community project so all incoming works will be presented online.

Curator: Borka Csejdy

Keywords: crisis, quarantine, epidemic, home, freedom, confinement, epidemiology, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2

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